Emergency Relief Logistics

Serium Global offers robust emergency logistics and supply chain management approach for quick response to urgent relief demand in disasters across Africa.

We provide specialized freight forwarding logistics and comprehensive supply chain management solutions to the humanitarian emergency response programs across Africa to aid in alleviation of human suffering during disasters.


  • Quick response through dedicated emergency & humanitarian logistics
  • Integrated disaster relief operations across 30 countries in Africa.
  • Supply chain optimization in disaster relief
  • Development aid logistics and supply chain management
  • Extensive capacity for assessment and management of supply chain vulnerability
  • Measuring performance and managing supply chain disruptions
  • Advanced technology interface for humanitarian logistics
  • Supply chain cooperation, integration and collaboration in the humanitarian and emergency relief operations
  • Relationship management in humanitarian supply chain
  • Coordination of Inter-organizational coordination across humanitarian supply chain
  • Serium Global crisis management expertise
  • Extensive humanitarian health care supply chain