Through our optimized NVOCC services, we promptly organize shipments for our customers to get their goods from global manufacturers, producers or traders to the local market or final point(s) of distribution using the most competitive shipping tariffs.

As a Non Vessel Owning Common Carrier (NVOCC), Serium Global Logistics Ltd performs all other services of ocean carriers with priority for efficiency, flexibility and favourable pricing. Our work includes comprehensive cargo handling services; rapid cargo pick up, consolidation (or deconsolidation), stuffing, risk management and sea transportation of cargo containers to gateway ports across Europe, North & South America, Middle East, Asia and Africa.

As a professional global NVOCC operator, Serium Global Logistics Ltd is able to issue its own bill of lading, that is, House Bill of Lading (HBL) that contains virtually the same data fields as the corresponding Master Bill of Lading issued by the shipping lines (vessel operators) each serving as a contract of carriage, but for different parties.

A Master Bill  of Lading is a contract issued by the ocean carrier that is between the NVOCC and their agent (at origin or destination), while the HBL is the contract of carriage issued by the NVOCC between the actual shipper and actual consignee.

Duly Licensed by the relevant Maritime Authorities, Serium Global Logistics Ltd procures the most competitive freight and shipping services from ocean carriers,  and through issuance of our own HBL with appropriate rate filings, we are able to help our clients save cost of shipping cargo from across 35 African  countries to more than 130 countries across Europe, South & North America, Middle East and Asia.