Emergency Relief Logistics

Serium Global Logistics Ltd has established a robust emergency relief logistics and supply chain management approach for quick response to urgent relief demand in disasters across Africa.

Supporting both governmental and non-governmental organizations, we provide dedicated freight forwarding for both air cargo, ocean freight t and overland transportation solutions to the humanitarian emergency response programs across Africa to aid in alleviation of human suffering during disasters.

  • Quick response through dedicated emergency relief logistics
  • Integrated disaster relief operations across 40 countries in Africa.
  • Supply chain optimization in disaster relief
  • Development aid logistics and supply chain management
  • Extensive capacity for assessment and management of supply chain vulnerability
  • Measuring performance and managing supply chain disruptions
  • Advanced technology interface for humanitarian logistics
  • Supply chain cooperation, integration and collaboration in the humanitarian and emergency relief operations
  • Relationship management in humanitarian supply chain
  • Coordination of Inter-organizational coordination across humanitarian supply chain
  • Serium Global crisis management expertise
  • Extensive humanitarian health care supply chain
Time sensitive cargo

Through specialist emergency relief logistics, Serium Global Logistics Ltd arranges for transportation of time-sensitive shipments, arranging for charters of urgently needed materials into conflict zones, disaster stricken areas and medical supplies with short shelf-lives.  We specialize in providing door to door service to remote locations across Africa in order to meet the needs of the governments, international aid organizations, and non-governmental organizations (NGOs).