We offer dedicated logistics services for all types of transshipment cargo from the ports of Mombasa, Dar Es Salaam and Tanga for shipments destined to countries across Eastern and Southern Africa.

Our multimodal transportation approach means that, we can meticulously arrange together with or for carriers to move cargo from one vessel to a different vessel or shift the cargo from one vessel to a different mode of transportation. These operations are necessary to enhance efficiency and reduce lead time for delivery of cargo.


As your cargo is transferred to another transitional position before being sent to its final destination, we are able to help in expediting all relevant documentation with respective customs offices on behalf of carriers to avoid any delays during intermediate operations.




At Serium Global Logistics Ltd, we have the logistics tools and means to carry out transshipment activities in a professional manner while protecting your cargo from any damage or lose.

We are capable to supply the following equipment and/or services as part of our transshipment cargo logistics services on need to need basis:-

·         Forklifts and yard loading machinery

·         Floating or offshore cranes

·         Mobile bulk commodities handling

·         Telescopic loaders or unloaders for ship/barge or offshore

·         Conveyors and other full automated tools

·         Human resources (labor force)

In Eastern Africa, customs law provides for two levels of transshipment cargo operations, that is, Direct & Indirect transshipment. While direct transshipment is carried out within the customs area subject to the prescribed conditions by Customs administrations hence posing minimum risks, indirect transshipment may involve movement of goods which are under Customs control out of one Customs area to another hence requiring more controls.


Direct Transshipment


(a)    The shipping line/ airline shall or their agents shall submit the cargo manifest to Customs through the Manifest Management System.

(b)   The Customs Management system shall segregate all the Shipments reported for transshipment.

(c)    The shipping/airline or their agent shall make a request online and pay the requisite fees of $10 per B/L / Airway Bill to the Customs administration at the point of entry seeking authority to have the specific consignments transshipped. The request shall among others provide information of the exporting vessel and the expected date of arrival.

(d)   The Customs administration shall upon approval communicate online the details of the shipments reported for transshipment to both the shipping line and the Port/Airport authority.

(e)   The Port/Airport Authority shall collect handling charges and/or storage charges where applicable per transshipment cargo.

(f)     The Customs Authority shall supervise the transshipment exercise to be carried out within a designated Customs area within the Port/Airport.

(g)   Upon completion of the transshipment exercise and subsequent loading of transshipment goods into the exporting vessel, the Port/Airport authority shall NOTIFY electronically the Customs administration at the Entry point accordingly.

(h)   This notification shall trigger the striking of the manifest of the Importing vessel/aircraft in the Manifest Management System

(i)      Frequent Reconciliations shall be carried out by Customs to ensure that all shipments reported for transshipment are fully accounted for.