Customs Clearance

Expedited customs clearance for compliance in international trade & regulations

While there are a myriad of key regulatory requirements that must be filled before your goods are exported from the country of origin, even more daunting can be the specific requirements that must be met before a foreign (destination) country will allow your products to enter their country.

Serium Global Logistics navigate these regulations internationally enabling customers avoid demurrage charges during the process of import or export of your goods. We offer efficient documentation management and customs clearance in Kenya and across Eastern, Central, Southern and West Africa.

We blend local knowledge in customs clearance in Kenya, Eastern, Central & Southern Africa with global expertise, with leading-edge freight management technology and proven processes, to transform supply chain requirements for industries, companies, government institutions and NGOs

  • Full service customs clearance in Kenya and the regional block
  • Assistance in processing entries requiring government import / export licenses
  • Assistance in applying for customs bonds
  • Preferential Tax Status Compliance (EAC, SADC, COMESA etc)
  • Processing temporary imports, bonded shipments and other special clearances
  • Cross border customs clearance services
  • Assistance with Duty Drawback
  • Continuous compliance education
  • Advisory on import/export procedures, HS codes and necessary authorizations for the import or export of all types of goods.
1.      Expertise

Serium Global Logistics Ltd has multidisciplinary experience with full capacity to specifically attend to customs valuations queries and each one of logistics needs generated in any specific industry. Our team has more than 30 years’ experience in customs clearance in Kenya.


  1. Quality Service

    Serium Global Logistics offers a top-quality service, bringing together a great variety of specialized customs clearance professionals that complete the whole logistics chain. We provide reliable and cost-effective customs services adapted to the needs of customers. Your business can rely on our Serium Global Logistics Ltd for customs clearance in Kenya and throughout the region.

3.     Efficiency in the Process

We focus on preventing any demurrage costs or storage fees accumulated by any potential delays in the customs clearing and forwarding process. Our team can reduce the operations costs and offer maximum efficacy, as well as the best means and solutions in the industry.