Mining Logistics

Our mining logistics services entail a complete suite of door to door shipping of mining machinery, equipment, mined products, mining chemicals together with other specialized project cargo logistics solutions.

Whether it is over-dimensional mining equipment, heavy mining machinery or any dangerous mining chemicals that needs to be delivered with special handling to remote sites in any country in East, Central & Sothern Africa; whether you need to export mineral resources from Africa to Europe, America, Middle East or Asia: our specialized mining logistics services will deliver cost effective and timely results.

We provide safe, affordable and punctual freight forwarding as part of our comprehensive logistics solutions for mining companies operating in Africa. We also extend our professional end to end supply chain management solutions to importers, refiners, smelters and well established global commodity trading conglomerates in Europe, America, Middle East or Asia, who intend to import a wide range of base or niche minerals from Africa.


Our value added mining logistics services for the extractive industry include the following:

  • Dedicated, highly skilled engineers and experienced technicians involved in planning, designing and implementation of complex logistics with mathematical precision.
  • Robust risk management across the entire supply chain on a 360 degrees framework. We help your company prevent, mitigate or professionally transfer risk in multiple countries and diverse mineral portfolios
  • Excellent product and market knowledge across the major mining countries in Africa and also across all types of exported minerals from Africa.
  • Value addition by top quality third party mining logistics services partners, contractors, engineers and consultants.
  • A single platform for multimodal transportation across land, sea and air.
  • Customs clearance and documentation management including permits and licenses for dangerous mining chemicals, explosive for blasting mines
  • Regulatory compliance including environmental impact assessment services for mining operations across Africa.
  • Import and export security