General Cargo Services

Our general cargo services are focused on providing a complete package of sea freight logistics; reliable, fast and flexible air freight and regional road transport across Eastern, Central & Southern Africa across a diversified range of products. Whether LCL, FCL, multimodal transport or conventional shipping, Serium Global Logistics Ltd is your partner of secure and efficient supply chains.

Serium Global Logistics utilizes an advanced Information technology interface. We embrace the rapidly evolving digital landscape and we believe that innovation is key to leading the way in provision of value added logistics and supply chain management for general cargo services. We aim to work in collaboration with our customers to unlock further service improvement and cost saving initiatives in our combined supply chain for assorted cargo shipments.


  • Steel: semi-finished steel: billets, ingots, blooms & slabs; finished steel: Plates, strips, rods, profiles, rails, wires and tubes
  • Assorted metals
  • Petrochemicals
  • Ferro alloys
  • Fertilizers and other agrochemicals
  • Consumer electronics
  • Telecommunication equipment
  • Furniture
  • Textiles
  • Household goods
  • Animal feeds
  • Animal skins and hides
  • Paper and other forest products
  • Exhibition products
  • Bulk raw materials & resources
  • Other assorted cargo

We stand by our service

Our primary concern for all your cargo shipments is safe and on-time delivery.


At Serium Global Logistics Ltd we understand the necessity of smooth customs clearance for our customers. We guarantee efficient logistics for general cargo services. Our customs experts understand both local, regional & global regulations and the challenges of general cargo services business. We use this knowledge to customize individual solutions that can help customers make well-informed decisions, reduce lead time, optimize cash flow and keep cost to a minimum.

Our value added logistics solutions for assorted cargo also entails freight booking and scheduling management across the entire scope (imports & exports) both for dry and liquid consignments.