Cargo Consolidation

Ensuring best use of time and cost factor to maximize client’s competitive edge in today’s market.

Cargo consolidation refers to assembling of smaller cargo shipments of various consignees into one lot and then preparing it for shipping. This is the most cost effective way to transport low volume cargo.

The smaller shipments come from multiple locations or suppliers, and need to be combined to avoid paying higher rates. When a consignor chooses to consolidate shipments, the product is brought to a consolidation warehouse (usually the one closest to the location which has the most cargo to ship), put onto pallets, and organized into one standard container.

Serium Global Logistics offers robust cargo consolidation services that connects Africa with Europe, North & South America, Middle East and Asia in a manner that best suits our clients’ needs. We ensure best use of time and cost factor to maximize our clients’ competitive edge in today’s market.

Our Value Added cargo consolidation services:

  • Expedited outbound and inbound groupage
  • Competitive freight rates
  • Efficient end to end logistics
  • Flexibility of schedules
  • Globally integrated shipping and freight forwarding
  • Local cargo experts at every origin and destination
  • Expedited customs clearance
  • World class logistics team of specialists in diverse cargo portfolio
  • Leading cargo risk management